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Canyon County

Update: No charges against Idaho man who accidentally shot, killed wife while cleaning handgun


A spokesman for the Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office told the Statesman Thursday that there will be no charges in an accidental shooting Sept. 30 that caused a young Caldwell woman’s death.

“The case was declined for prosecution, so no criminal charges will be filed,” Joe Decker said via e-mail.

This is a news update. Our story from Oct. 1 is below:

A Caldwell man accidentally shot and killed his 20-year-old wife on Sunday while he was cleaning a handgun, police say.

The shooting occurred around 2:30 p.m. in the 100 block of west Oak Street. When police arrived, they were told that the victim and her husband were cleaning their handguns when the husband accidentally discharged one of the weapons when reassembling it.

The woman was taken to a Boise hospital, where she died. Police are still investigating and have not determined if charges will be filed.

Neither the victim, nor her husband have been named by Caldwell Police.

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