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Boise & Garden City

Flood-damaged sections of Greenbelt might not be fixed until spring

Boise Parks and Recreation is still assessing damage to the Boise River Greenbelt from this year’s flooding, director Doug Holloway said Tuesday.

When that’s done, Holloway said, the city will ask for bids from five separate contractors it pre-approved for Greenbelt repairs last month.

The hope is that work will start this fall or perhaps early winter, he said. Weather permitting, crews will work through the winter.

Their goal is to complete all Greenbelt repairs by mid-spring.


Holloway said Parks and Recreation’s priorities are the pathway under the West ParkCenter Bridge and the Veterans Park pathway on the north side of the river.

The bank under the path at the West ParkCenter Bridge needs major repair, Holloway said. The city will provide a detour around the construction area, he said.

A detour is already in place in Veterans Park that allows path users to stay inside the park as they circumnavigate the damaged area.


Holloway said he also hopes to start work this fall on repairing the Bethine Church River Trail, a gravel path north of ParkCenter Boulevard that was almost completely destroyed. Other, smaller projects are popping up in other areas, he said.

Though the Boise River has fallen to normal levels, Holloway said it needs to fall a little more to allow the city to fully ascertain how much work needs to be done to shore up the Greenbelt.

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